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HSI Advisor – Take the guesswork out of employee training

HSI Advisor is like having a learning and safety consultant on-call whenever you need advice. Instead of reviewing multiple library documents or pages of courses, you can input information unique to your workplace and uncover recommended training topics and safety solutions.

Have you asked managers to give you feedback on training plans? Input the information about what your employees do and experience during the workday and HSI Advisor can help you build a solid training plan in minutes.

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Survey Features

Managing staff training, even at a large and diverse organization, doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming; HSI Advisor is your personal consultant.

  1. Topics: multiple surveys contain topics relevant to your workplace
  2. Fast: surveys questions have simple yes/no answers
  3. Customized: recommendations are unique to your employees and workplace
  4. Implement: it’s easy to act on the recommendations and update training plans
  5. Evolving: additional surveys and topics added regularly
  6. Optimize: HSI Advisor helps you get the most out of your LMS
HSI Advisor Survey

Tailored Recommendations

The recommendations provided by HSI Advisor are based on your unique needs and circumstances, but that’s not where the experience ends. Every recommendation comes with detailed information about the recommendation, including a preview that can be shared with others, and information about what survey questions led to the recommended solution.

The power still rests in your hands as you decide whether to accept recommendations, review them further or defer until later. Creating simple, powerful solutions that meet your unique organizational needs is our goal and HSI Advisor is there to help when you need or want it.

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