First Aid Training for Employees: Real Life Examples of Why You Need It

First Aid Training for Employees: Real Life Examples of Why You Need It

First aid training for employees may not be the highest priority on your list of training needs, especially if most of your people work in an office. We’ve all seen people goof around or hurt themselves when they weren’t paying attention. You may also have people who encounter different hazards while they work like machinery and chemicals. An extension of your safety training should include first aid.

Real-Life Examples of the Need for First Aid in the Workplace

First Aid as Part of a Whole-Person Approach to Employee Training

We offer a wide variety of training topics to give you well-rounded, well-developed employees. We think beyond the walls of your workplace. How can we keep your employees safe or minimize stress in their personal lives so they can give you 100% during their work hours? Think about it. If an employee is dealing with challenges with their physical, mental, or financial health in their personal lives, they won’t be as productive in their professional lives.

First aid training is one of those topics that employees will find useful outside the workplace. Your outdoor maintenance staff needs to be trained on bug and snake bites but what about the parents standing on the side of the soccer field or participating in parent-child weekend at summer camp?

First Aid Training Topics

Here is a list of first aid training videos that HSI offers as part of our Business Skills Library that you will find are relevant to indoor office workers, laborers, and your outdoor maintenance team:

First Aid Training Videos and More

All these first aid training courses are part of our Business Skills Library. They are all microlearning videos that are 3-11 minutes long. Many of our clients open the library so employees can take any course they want. Others curate content into groups like this simply to promote employee interest in different training topics. One client promoted this as a summer training topic to support employees in their outdoor activities and vacations so they could be prepared and be safe. We support our clients with flyers on various topics like first aid, which you can use to encourage engagement from your employees.

We can offer expanded first aid training such as CPR, AED and first aid training programs designed for individuals and organizations to meet regulatory requirements. This includes in-person sessions, blended learning, and remote skills verification (RSV).

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