Provider Review: Business & Legal Resources (BLR) Training Today

Provider Review: Business & Legal Resources (BLR) Training Today

Safety training online is a competitive industry, full of provider options. To help you make a smart purchase, HSI does the diligence on quality, cost, and ease of implementation, offering an unbiased overview of the industry’s more popular vendors.

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BLR®—Solutions for Employment, Safety, and Environmental Compliance

BLR®—Business & Legal Resources helps U.S. businesses simplify compliance with state and federal legal requirements, and we help them become more successful. We do this by offering authoritative content and practical, easy-to-use tools. Through our expert in-house editors and exclusive attorney network, we provide the most comprehensive, reliable state-specific information available—and we do it in all 50 states. Our award-winning information products—including training programs, events, web portals, reports and subscription services—give businesses of all sizes and industries the best tools available at affordable prices.

BLR has grown its family of companies, to include HR Hero & M. Lee Smith Publishers.

BLR has evolved recently into a digital advertising company, offering niche advertising opportunities to vendors in the safety marketplace.


The focus on the training library is on soft-skills for managers, occupational safety compliance (OSHA), and Human Resources subjects.


It is difficult to determine pricing for online safety training offered by BLR, because the company does not offer it—there is no direct product comparison with other eLearning or computer-based training providers, like PureSafety.

For the closest comparison product, BLR’s new Streaming Video-on-Demand Safety Training, the price is not clearly posted; site visitors must fill out a web form to request information. This product is video training and described as “a combination of lecture and visual aids” for Environmental Health & Safety professionals intending to “retire your old DVD player”.

For other products—with one exception—BLR gets a B+ for pricing transparency.

BLR clearly posts the prices of other products it offers, like its popular “click & train” series of CD-ROMs & DVDs, described as “movie-like” versions of PowerPoint presentations. For example, see “ready-to-deliver meetings” on subjects like violence in the workplace ($104.00), OSHA recordkeeping ($329), and booklets on stress management ($1.04) and OSHA’s “Industrial Ergonomics Booklet” ($1.04). The prices do not include shipping & handling.

BLR also offers a web-based safety/compliance resource known by its URL:

The cost for this product, described as “your online safety training manual” is currently listed as $1,195.00. Included in that price? gives you instant, 24/7 access to hundreds of industrial safety training meetings and checklists, federal and state compliance analysis, safety best practices, OSHA regulatory developments, and more.


Through its TrainingToday experience, BLR offers a web-based training “platform” for delivery of computer-based training courses.

According to its website:® provides comprehensive state and federal workplace safety compliance analysis. It also offers an extensive compliance “Tools” section that provides more than 7,000 guidance documents, sample plans, forms, and checklists for all of the major compliance topics, including:


Well…old school. The production value of many safety training courses is low; low engagement, low interactivity, and generally, passive as far as learning experiences go.


English and Spanish available for many training related materials.

Training Management Options:

None. BLR markets SCORM compliant training to companies that “Already have an LMS?” Presumably, that’s because there is not a LMS on offer through its participating partners sufficient to support the immense diversity of compliance products on offer.

It takes a little discovery to find references to any training accountability solution, but the closest (and most recent) example involves BLR’s new Safety ToolBox Trainer:

Manage your safety training meetings … anywhere … from any device!

BLR’s new Safety ToolBox Trainer is the one-stop solution for busy safety professionals who need to keep up with their management and compliance obligations on-the-go. Now, you can schedule your OSHA safety meeting and monitor work-related safety issues all from one convenient program, accessible from your computer or mobile device!

Simplify and streamline safety management at your organization – and keep on the right side of OSHA compliance – with the Safety ToolBox Trainer from BLR!

With the Safety ToolBox Trainer app, you can:

Manage and train on the go: Select from hundreds of safety meeting topics to train in the office or in the field.

Stay organized with the ToolBox dashboard: Review employee counts, schedule meetings, and safety related issues, all in on easy-to-manage interface.

Access your information from any device: Key website features are also available on your mobile app.

Collect onsite signatures: Use your app to collect an immediate signature after a meeting takes place, so you’re never left without proper documentation.

The obvious takeaway from all of this, is that there is no LMS on offer. The collection of signatures, to capture meeting or training attendees, is the way many organizations still operate today when it comes to safety activity documentation and training records. Whether those signatures are gathered on paper or recorded though a mobile device, the big difference is that an LMS tracks that activity automatically, in realtime, for reporting purposes.



Custom Course Development:

No. Custom eLearning or Computer-Based Training (CBT) is not available.


For the DIY safety professional on a budget, you’ll have a tough time beating BLR, where you can find almost anything related to compliance. This is particularly true for organizations that enjoy the old fashioned approach to safety training—DVDs, PowerPoints, 3-ring binders of safety programs mailed direct to you, safety checklists, other printable safety stuff, etc.

So there’s a little something for everybody at BLR—hundreds of DIY print resources and informational products at reasonable prices, on a variety of business concerns.

For example, BLR’s off-the-shelf OSHA Training System ($295) includes:

BLR partners with multiple vendors like MARCOM to offer similar products through its digital storefront:

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