Provider Review: Convergence

Provider Review: Convergence

Safety training online is a competitive industry, full of provider options. To help you make a smart purchase, HSI does the diligence on quality, cost, and ease of implementation, offering an unbiased overview of the industry’s more popular vendors.



Workforce training courses and software designed to help you tackle the toughest industrial skills and compliance challenges.

Simply the Best eLearning You Can Buy: Step into this century with the most modern, engaging, and accurate courses available.

Always Growing, Never Out of Date: Our library is always expanding and evolving, just like your training needs. We average over 70 new courses and 50 course updates every year.


Convergence Training has its roots in high-level custom training development for the wood products industry, and that legacy remains apparent today.

Convergence Training has since expanded its catalogue of eLearning courses across predominately high-risk industrial classifications.



Convergence Training does not publish its pricing for any product. Quotes are available by request.


Much of its early online training courseware was oriented toward design and schematics of equipment in support of the paper manufacturing industry; here’s an example: Corrugated Box Basics

That’s why some training topics covered by Convergence Training are of such specificity to paper manufacturing that the course title may be unfamiliar, whereas other titles are easily identifiable…

Paper Manufacturing


Tissue Manufacturing

Operations & Maintenance

Human Resources Compliance

Health & Safety (OSHA)

Mining Safety (MSHA)

Course Content:

Many of the online courses offered by Convergence Training are fairly characterized as above the industry standard.

Strengths include consistency of style; each of its eLearning modules are built with a distinctive approach to scenario-based learning using 3D animation.

The result is that Convergence Training courses are easily identifiable, relative to similar training topics available in the online safety training marketplace; a common device is the animation of equipment components:

Show workers things they can't normally see, such as…

Many of Convergence Training’s eLearning products do incorporate a substantial degree of interactivity on behalf of the user.

Course duration is typically between 15–50 minutes, depending on the training topic; average length is 25 minutes.

Various excerpts of Convergence Training’s courses are available on YouTube: Compressed Air Fundamentals | Construction Site Stormwater Run-off Control | Floor and Walkway Safety and Auditing

Convergence Training’s eLearning modules are compliant with Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) and Subject Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) eLearning standards.

Some light authoring capabilities are available through its Convergence Learning Management System (LMS):


A limited selection of courses are available in the following languages: Spanish, Chinese, German French, Italian, Tamil, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai.

Additionally, Convergence Training offers translation services.

Training Management Options:

Convergence Training offers a namesake Learning Management System (LMS) for enterprise level customers, “…designed specifically for the needs of industrial and manufacturing facilities.”

Features include


Yes and No; Convergence Mobile is a combination of offers. First, there’s a selection of windows-based tablets available for purchase. Convergence also markets a Just-in-Time Training (JITT) tablet with a built-in barcode scanner for localization of training in work environments. Convergence Mobile is also a characterization of the ability to synch with Convergence Learning Management System (LMS), and track training activities on mobile devices.

Custom Course Development:

Yes; Convergence Training will adapt its eLearning courses to better align with customer specifications as well as create custom eLearning modules.


Convergence Training has a well-established niche in paper manufacturing, having served customers in that industry for decades. Today, this online training provider is known for courses featuring 3D animation and its proprietary namesake Leaning Management System (LMS).

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