Content Release for August 2023

New and Updated Content

  • Supervision
  • Leadership
  • Effective Meetings
  • Employee Recognition
  • Distilled Spirits
Rsz 1aug 23 effective meetings


Under our Supervision topic, we've added four new courses covering open-door policies, managing while short-staffed, problem solving through brainSWARMing, and more. We've also updated three previous programs: Going From Coworker to Boss, Concerned Conversations, and Progressive Discipline.

Course Titles

  • Employees With Side Hustles
  • Your Open-Door Policy
  • Brainswarming
  • Managing While Short-Staffed
  • Going From Coworker to Boss
  • Concerned Conversations
  • Progressive Discipline

Library: Business Skills

Rsz aug 23 open door policy


This month, we've added five new courses to our Leadership topic. Viewers will learn how to interpret data, how to evaluate their own leadership performance, the importance of storytelling in leadership, and more.

Course Titles

  • Interpreting Data
  • Quiet Leadership
  • Evaluating Your Own Leadership Performance
  • Are You a Boss or a Leader?
  • Storytelling in Leadership

Library: Business Skills

Rsz aug 23 leader or boss

Effective Meetings

Holding productive and effective meetings are key to a leader's success. In this new series, we'll discuss how to hold various types of meetings, including one-on-one, team-building, problem-solving, and informational. We'll also provide viewers with tips on how to facilitate a successful meeting, whether it's in person or virtual. You can find this seven-part series in our Supervision topic.

Course Titles

  • Tips to Facilitate Effective Meetings
  • Virtual vs. In-Person Meetings
  • Informational Meetings
  • Problem-Solving Meetings
  • Decision-Making Meetings
  • Team-Building Meetings
  • One-on-One Meetings

Library: Business Skills

Rsz 1aug 23 effective meetings

Employee Recognition

If you want to keep your team motivated and engaged, then you must recognize their efforts. We've turned our Employee Recognition course into a six-part series. (That's how important it is!) Learn various types of recognition, available vendors, and leadership responsibilities that come with employee recognition programs. These courses are located under our Supervision topic.

Course Title

  1. The Basics of Employee Recognition Programs
  2. Types of Employee Recognition
  3. Employee Recognition Vendors
  4. Your Role in Recognizing Employees
  5. Making a Case for Employee Recognition Programs
  6. Launching an Employee Recognition Program

Library: Business Skills

Rsz aug 23 employee recognition

Distilled Spirits

For our direct store delivery customers, this new four-part series covers all you need to know about distilled spirits, otherwise known as hard liquor. We discuss the six main spirits, how they're made, who consumes them, and how to successfully merchandise them. These courses are listed in our DSD topic.

Course Titles

  • Introduction to Distilled Spirits
  • How Distilled Spirits Are Made
  • Distilled Spirits Consumers
  • Distilled Spirits Merchandising

Library: Direct Store Delivery

Rsz 1aug 23 dsd
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