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Learning Pathways: Reduce Risk and Upskill Your People With Curated Training

HSI’s new Professional Skills Learning Pathways leverage the power of microlearning in a proven multi-modal format that enables you to go beyond compliance training and achieve true skill mastery and behavior change. Our expertly crafted Learning Pathways are designed as a ready-made roadmap for learners to help companies meet their L&D goals without the heavy lift of curating content.

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Cybersecurity Learning Pathway

Reduce Your Risk by Training Your People to Stay Ahead of the Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape

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Artificial Intelligence Learning Pathway

Focused Microlearning for Present and Future-Ready Teams

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Anti-Harassment Learning Pathway

A Modern Learning Pathway to Reduce Risk and Build a Safe and Thriving Workplace

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New Managers Learning Pathway

Strengthening Your First Line of Defense to Reduce Risk and Build Better Teams

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Business Ethics Learning Pathway

A Practical Guidance for Ethical Workplace Conduct

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Conflict Management Learning Pathway

Navigating Conflict Effectively to Cultivate a Healthy Workplace Culture

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Curated Sets of Microlearning Lessons and Compliance Training Built for the Modern Workforce

While we have a course library of more than 5,000 titles, let our experts design a curriculum that is proven to build and reinforce the skills needed to be successful in today’s workplace. Our off-the-shelf learning pathways do the work so you don’t have to.

Each Learning Pathway begins with a foundation of building skills on the most in-demand topics through an expert-developed library of video-based training. Once the learning is established, the Pathway reinforces and expands the new skills through a cadenced drip of award-winning Blue Ocean Brain microlearning lessons. Learners are also supported by supplemental materials like Leadership Briefs and job aids.

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Why HSI Pathways? Reduce Risk and Build an Innovative Workforce

A Focus on Capabilities and Action

Intended to enhance the skills and capabilities of learners, the Learning Pathways are broken down into three learning stages:

Awareness: Initial lessons and courses serve as foundational material to introduce the topic to learners, helping them gain essential knowledge and buy-in of the focus area.

Application: Once solid awareness is achieved, lessons move into more actionable learning, providing practical takeaways for learners to apply on the job.

Expanding Knowledge: Additional lessons on adjacent topics then give new perspectives and spark advanced thinking to help broaden the impact of the learning.

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With seamless delivery and implementation options, you can quickly kick-start your Cybersecurity training program to strengthen your security measures in 2024 and beyond.

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