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How can we transform today's safety concerns into tomorrow's peace of mind?

Transform safety concerns into peace of mind with HSI's all-in-one platform. Empower operations with enhanced worker safety, streamlined workflows, and compliance solutions.

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EHS Management Solutions

Empower your operations with HSI's all-in-one platform.

Bridge your challenges with our solutions including:

  • Enhanced Worker Safety
  • Promoted Worker Wellness
  • Streamlined Control of Work
  • Mitigated Operational Risks
  • Optimized Chemical Management
  • Aligned with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Standards
  • Ensured Environmental Compliance
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EHS management system

Discover Our Top-Performing EHS Capabilities

Incident Management

Incident Management

Capture, track, investigate and report on all incidents and near-misses.

Audit Management

Audit Management

Catalog, manage, inspect, and audit a wide range of assets including PPE, tools, software and vehicles.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Proactively control, manage, and comply with all your risk, governance, regulatory compliance, and workplace obligations all under one platform.

Contractor Management

Contractor Management

End-to-end management of contractor approval, registration, insurances, licenses and site inductions.

Checklist & Inspections

Checklist & Inspections

Manage all your checklists and inspections from one place while intelligently connecting everyone to everything, anywhere.

Corrective & Preventative Actions

Corrective & Preventative Actions

Identify, anticipate, and correct non-conformances within your product or service offering.


Manage many more areas of your organization from a single-source solution including:

Why HSI EHS platform?

Drive workforce technology modernization, consolidate and unify, into a single-source of truth.

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One Solution: HSI

Platform Availability

EHS, LMS, & SDS All In One Platform!

Bundle your safety solutions into a single platform. With HSI, we make it easy with a single platform giving you over 30+ EHS capabilities, an LMS, with 5,000+ courses, and Chemical Management/SDS.

Start with one of our most popular bundles, or create your own! HSI makes it easy to mix and match our EHS, Training, and SDS packages to find the solution that fits your business needs. And get a discount on all three when you bundle them together.

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Modernize Your Technology

Why is that essential?


VULNERABLE TO RISK: EHS programs are classified as immature.


LOW CONNECTIVITY: Companies identified having low levels of connectivity.


SKILLS GAPS & LOW EHS AWARENESS: Leaders report challenges in hiring people with the necessary skills.

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