EHS Essentials

Streamline Safety Management for a Safer, Smarter Workplace

Bring everyone and everything together, faster with EHS Essentials. Simplify safety management, handling incidents, near-misses, hazards, and more. Start your EHS journey effortlessly, ensuring a safer, more intelligent workplace.

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Incident Management

An out-of-the-box EHS solution for companies of all sizes

EHS Essentials is powered by the full HSI EHS management software but is streamlined to help you get up and running quickly and cost-effectively. Well-suited for small and medium-sized businesses, we took the most important modules and features to manage your safety program with automation replacing manual processes and paper forms/spreadsheets/emails.

  • The most-used set of EHS solutions
  • Fast implementation and deployment
  • Streamlined number of configurable components
  • Standardized workflows and forms
  • Pre-configured automation and user access roles
  • Pre-built dashboards and reports
  • Consistent training materials for all customers

Extremely competitive pricing packages -- starting at $5,000! Bundle and save -- get up to 20% off when you bundle HSI solutions together.

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EHS Essentials: Most Used Solutions

Incident Management

Incident Workflow

Collect data for all types of workplace incidents, including injuries, illnesses, near misses, vehicle accidents, and property or environmental damage. Case notes and witness statements can be added, with the option to upload file attachments.

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OSHA Recordkeeping & Compliance

Submit OSHA form 301 in minutes.

Quickly and easily generate required OSHA forms, obligations, and recordkeeping logs, using auto-populated customized information and completed incident reports.

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Checklist & Inspection

Customized Checklists or Templates

Easily build, complete, save, and track inspections or checklists for as many facets of your company as needed.

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Asset & Vehicle Management

Asset & Equipment Management

Ensure asset compliance across your organization and link to your safety and operational protocols. Register assets seamlessly, with essential data like Asset Name, Type, ID, Location, Manager, and Assignee. Create new checklists directly from asset records, simplifying maintenance. This is a great way to perform inspections on vehicles and other assets.

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Document Management

Document Management for Compliance

The centralized library allows you to streamline and accelerate your document management process. Enhance your processes with increased accuracy, detailed audit trail, automated acknowledgments, gated document access, controlled publish releases, improved collaboration, and version tracking.

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Reports & Dashboards

Reports 1

EHS Essentials makes viewing — and using — your safety data easy and intuitive. A wide variety of incident information is available on your dashboard, such as the total number of incidents and the status of your incident investigations.

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Elevate Novices to Experts with Our Unified Learning Management System

Unlock workforce excellence by managing competency and learning based on role, or trigger learning tasks based on action. Centrally manage learning records, certifications, licenses, course content, and issue accreditations.

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