Power Industry Training is Essential for Reliability

Industrial skills training covers the power industry, including generation, transmission, and distribution, providing solutions to support the reliability of the Bulk Electric System. Our training is enhanced by state-of-the-art animation and simulation.

Our comprehensive content includes:

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Transmission Training

Power Industry Training, Solutions, and Services:

Power Plant Operator Training

Our power plant training lays a foundation by examining the steam and water cycle, electrical principles, renewable energy, and plant science.

This foundation is then applied to specific equipment and systems encountered in power generation systems – providing your power plant operators with the basics they need to ensure reliability.

Generation training

NERC Certification and Continuing Education Training

Our experts in NERC training and compliance understand your transmission-specific challenges. Our NERC Certification Program guides you through a curriculum designed to help system operators pass the NERC certification exam. Our training includes simulation-based scenarios so you can apply the concepts you learn and improve your situational awareness.

After you're certified, our continuing education training courses cover all the information needed to keep your industry knowledge fresh. Our CEH courses are developed using a systematic approach to training and the latest in adult learning theory.

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NERC System Operations

Distribution Operator and Technician Training

Distribution operators and technicians have unique responsibilities on the power grid. As distribution systems become more complicated, HSI provides training to help your team prepare for system events.

Distributed energy resources and renewable energy are more prevalent, so your team needs to understand the impact on what they do while working with new and existing equipment. Our distribution utility-specific training helps technicians and operators understand how they contribute to grid reliability.

Distribution Training
Relay Technical Training

Instructor-led Training to Enhance Your Training Program

Whether you’re looking for continuing education hours for the power industry or hands-on training for equipment maintenance, our instructor-led training is developed and delivered by experienced SMEs.

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Industrial Skills FAQ

Training and Compliance Advisory Services

Our advisory services team is prepared to help you develop and enhance your processes – whether you're focused on your training program or NERC compliance.

Building an effective training program is an ongoing process. Reviewing and evaluating your program’s effectiveness is critical to giving personnel the tools to increase reliability and reduce risk. Whether you’re complying with PER-005 or ensuring you have a productive program, HSI provides a full range of services from planning and development to implementation and assessment/evaluation.

And, as the NERC and regional compliance environment becomes increasing complex, many companies find they have neither the time nor resources to stay on top of the latest requirements and guidelines. The HSI NERC compliance team focuses on guiding our clients toward an organizational culture of compliance, identifying practices to increase reliability.

Training and Compliance Advisory Services

Reliability and Workforce Management for Power Professionals

HSI designed a platform specific to the power utility industry. Our all-in-one system connects your data management from workers in the field to managers in the control room to executives in the C-suite.

Meet tomorrow’s power industry challenges with one platform - HSI.

Power Industry
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