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Sample Courses from our Video Library

Watch a selection of our employee training and development videos on soft skills, compliance, customer service, health and wellness, leadership, professional productivity, and more.

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Stop Doing and Start Managing

Persistent vs. Pestering

Returning from Maternity Leave

Change Management

Types of Malware

Understanding Harassment

Selling to the C-Suite

Transforming the Organization

Why HSI?

How are you supposed to choose an eLearning provider if you can’t see a sample video library? Many of our competitors make you sign up for a free trial, provide your contact information and sometimes speak to a salesperson before you are even allowed to watch their videos. HSI is different. We give you more sample eLearning videos upfront.

Whose eLearning Videos Are Better?

We are very proud of our training content. We believe our eLearning videos are more engaging, more entertaining, and more effective than many others out there. That’s why you can watch full courses from eight different categories right here on this page.

Microlearning Content

The employee training and development team at HSI has been creating short-form microlearning video eLearning courses for learners since our inception. Research shows that employees are interrupted every 11 minutes so our courses average 7:12 minutes.

Consistent Learning Experience

As you watch our training videos, you will notice that they have a predictable style and flow. They open with a title slide and music. Our presenters are relatable and approachable. They are filmed waist up to be closer to the viewer, more engaging and mimic an instructor-led course. The graphics are creative and compelling, and they help reinforce the learning points spoken by the host. Our videos deliver content in a consistent manner, just like traditional classroom trainers.

Fresh Matters

All of the videos on this page were recently created or updated. We believe it is critical to keep our eLearning courses timely and relevant to better engage your learners. The age of hour-long, boring videos is over. Attention spans are shorter. Your learners are surrounded by competing content on social media, streaming services, and TV. Your training content has to keep up with the trends. Ours does. See for yourself!

Off-the-Shelf Content

Our off-the-shelf eLearning video library covers all of the main categories a successful company needs: compliance, communications, customer service, leadership, professional productivity, safety, selling skills, supervision, and more. Let us handle the 80% of your common training, so you can focus on the company-centric topics that must be customized.

Mobile Ready

Our training videos are accessible 365/24/7 on any device via our HSI LMS. Today’s workforce is on-the-go, whether in a warehouse, an office, or on the road traveling. So your training content needs to be available wherever your employees are. “Mobile ready” shouldn’t be something special anymore. It’s “table stakes.” How can you consider an eLearning provider whose solution is not mobile-ready?

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