Return-to-Work Solutions

Tools and Training to Help Ensure a Safe Return-to-Work.

Whether you’re thinking about bringing employees back, or you never left, HSI provides the training and solutions you need to support the safe transition within the workplace.

Maintain health and safety oversight across your organization and make sure you comply with new government COVID-19 guidelines via training or with our intuitive, cloud-based EHS safety management software.

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Develop a Company Plan and Knowledge Base for Employees

New COVID-19 Plan Writer

Our new plan writer is a multi-section form that writes a company-specific plan (with a custom export for Word) automatically as you answer questions and choose company-specific solutions for each topic. It also carefully covers all of OSHA’s recommendations for mitigation and prevention of COVID-19 to keep your workforce healthy and prove compliance should you get inspected.

Employee Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base is the best way to track every employee’s receipt of vital COVID-19 information including company policies, control measure procedures, and workers’ rights and responsibilities. Articles can be assigned to employees and tracked.

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Mitigate and Control COVID Risks and Hazards

End-to-End Management

Manage COVID-19 risks and hazards in real-time to prevent an incident. Ensure your workforce is kept safe through risk assessments and real-time logging of health, hygiene, and safety hazards and implement necessary controls to reduce risk.

Prevent Hazards Before They Occur

Stop the potential for COVID-19 exposure in the workplace. Utilize real-time reporting and automations to respond swiftly to incidents and hazards and ensure the safety of workers.

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Manage and Track New COVID Cases

Log COVID Confirmed & Suspected Cases

Track, monitor, and mitigate COVID-19 transmission through our purpose-built infectious disease management app. Workers can log confirmed or suspected cases, whether they’ve received treatment, as well as potential exposure to co-workers.

Dashboards for Complete Oversight

Always be up-to-date on the COVID-19 situation within your organization. Track new and suspected cases, recoveries, workers in quarantine isolation or hospitalized, as well as cases by location from your infectious disease management dashboard, and ensure your employees’ remains safe.

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Manager and Employee Training

HSI’s training management software already has COVID-19 relevant content ready to deliver to your employees.

In addition, the software takes care of complete training system management. You can assign courses or sets of courses, set a schedule, track progress and completion, send reminders, and even add your own content.

Courses relevant to COVID-19 include:

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Be Proactive to Ensure Worker Safety

Streamline Inspection Processes

Ensure the workplace is kept COVID-safe by streamlining your end-to-end inspection process. Workers can carry out inspections easily with our adaptable, pre-built checklist templates, and use conditional logic to notify team members of any corrective actions to resolve.

Send Safety Alerts Quickly

When a safety issue is encountered, alert your whole organization or relevant team members quickly with safety alerts. Make sure everyone is aware of COVID hazards in the workplace at the right time.

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Make Policies and Procedures Accessible

Document Management & Distribution

Return to work requires updates to workplace policies and procedures, to ensure compliance with new COVID regulations and government requirements. Ensure relevant documentation is kept updated and accessible through a centralized document management repository.

Employee Awareness

Enable your workers to stay up-to-date on COVID-safe workplace policies and procedures through easily accessible documentation. Send notifications across the organization, to specific teams or individuals of policy updates and capture policy acknowledgment to ensure compliance.

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Critical Data to Make Tough Decisions

Reports and Dashboards

Keep your finger on the pulse and view the right information at the right time via custom dashboards. Drill down into reports to analyze how to continuously improve your systems.

Manage Safety From Anywhere

You don’t have to be in the office to keep a finger on the pulse. Access your safety Dashboard and make sure issues are resolved quickly and efficiently; no matter where you are.

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