Qualified Electric Worker (QEW)

Understanding Qualified Electric Worker Requirements

OHSA’s qualified electric worker (QEW) standards can be confusing whether you’re a manufacturing facility, construction site, or utility. Many people find the requirements vague and aren’t sure what they need to do to ensure their workers are qualified.

The important thing to remember is there’s no one-size-fits-all program. Your training program should be customized to your facility.

HSI has more than 15 years providing effective QEW training. We can help you understand and meet the challenges of qualified electric worker training.

Our checklist will help you get started developing a new program or evaluating your existing one.

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Do you need QEW training?

We know it's tough to figure out the necessary training for your QEWs. To assist you, we've put together a quick assessment to identify your training requirements. Take the questionnaire to find out what QEW training is the best fit for your team.

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Answering Your Questions

We hear a lot of questions from people about how they make sure their QEW training protects their workers and ensures compliance with the OSHA standards. Here are the commonly asked ones:

Qualified Electrical Worker

Your QEW Confusion is Not Unique

You’re not alone. We’ve worked with many companies struggling to develop or enhance QEW programs. Find out how one company is developing their program.

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Where Do You Go From Here?

The good news is HSI has collaborated with many companies to develop and improve their QEW programs. We can help you perform a job task analysis to identify the tasks you need to train on. Our extensive content library provides a strong foundation to develop worker knowledge and skills. We also provide on-site training to help you train on specific tasks and equipment.

Our experience in developing and implementing assessments gives you peace of mind that your workers are prepared to manage the hazards they may face in their daily work.

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Qualified Electrical Worker
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