Content, training, and technology for the power industry

The power industry impacts everyone’s life with the touch of a button. Keeping the lights on is your industry’s key goal.

HSI understands your unique training needs from maintaining a generator to understanding the impact of renewables on the system and making sure system operators are NERC certified.

Our training content and scalable software help you protect workers, ensure reliability, and maintain productivity.

Transmission Training

Essential training for the power industry

HSI Industrial Skills training covers the power industry including generation, transmission, and distribution. Our comprehensive content includes Power Generating Systems and Operations, NERC Certification and Continuing Education, Electrical Distribution, Qualified Electrical Worker Training, and Simulation.

Our services include custom training, training program development, and NERC compliance advisory services designed specifically for the power industry. Our SMEs have specific industry experience to develop and enhance your training and compliance programs.

Power Training

Management System: Address the future challenges of the power industry with a single-solution.

Modern challenges need modern solutions. In today's dynamic landscape, power companies must emphasize risk mitigation, leverage data analytics, and prioritize comprehensive training, and certification. The HSI Management System offers a solution to the challenges posed by disparate data sources, inconsistent training practices, and complex compliance requirements and regulations.

Our management system simplifies operations across your entire workplace by integrating processes, controls, and optimizing communication channels. Experience heightened workforce productivity, increased compliance, and ongoing enhancements through a unified platform.

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Power Industry
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