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Professional Development for a Modern Workforce

Today’s employees are more diverse than ever before. Your employee training and development topics need to be multifaceted. Our courses include training for your rookies and veterans, white-collar and blue-collar workers, compliance and development, and more.

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Employee training topics HSI

HR Compliance

Foster a compliant workplace with our HR Compliance courses. Topics include anti-harassment, avoiding discrimination, legally hiring and firing, state-specific training and more.

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Create more effective leaders with our short-form training content. Help team leaders learn to be more assertive, coach and mentor, and much more.

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Our DEI training content gives your employees the tools to understand their own biases, work well with everyone, and have more respect for their co-workers.

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Soft Skills

Employees and managers start with different abilities. Soft skills training can help them grow in areas of communications, leadership, productivity, and more.

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Communication Skills

Develop better communication habits with our communication skills training. Learn about emotional intelligence, persuasion, active listening, and much more.

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Soft Skills

Employees and managers start with different abilities and levels of experience. Soft skills training can help them grow in topics like accountability, coaching, communications, emotional intelligence, leadership, productivity, time management, mental wellness, and more.

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Communications Skills HSI

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Workplace Diversity

Training on diversity, equity, and inclusion is quickly becoming a foundational training topic to help organizations create a welcoming culture for all people. Our bundle includes courses on anti-racism, cross-cultural considerations, unconscious bias, LGBTQ in the workplace, neurodiversity, and much more.

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Companies are under attack by ransomware and malicious software and your employees are the front line of defense. Organizations must protect their digital assets and train employees on cybersecurity topics like malware, ransomware, phishing, password best practices, and more.

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Types of Malware HSI Cybersecurity training course


The first step to creating a safe workplace culture begins with anti-harassment training. We offer training that will satisfy your compliance requirements with training for employees and managers and courses on how to write and communicate an anti-harassment policy and investigate complaints. We also offer state-specific anti-harassment training for CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, NY, and NYC.

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