Content Release for June 2023

New Content

  • Personal Development
  • Navigating Your Emotions
  • Building an Emotionally Intelligent Team
  • Innovation
Rsz practicing optimism june 23

Personal Development

This month, we've added four new programs to our Personal Development topic. We discuss how to become more open-minded, the importance of assuming positive intent, and the benefits of optimism and laugher.

Course Titles

  • Becoming Open-Minded
  • Making Positive Assumptions
  • The Benefits of Optimism
  • The Benefits of Laughter

Library: Business Skills

Rsz june 2023

Navigating Your Emotions

Also in our Personal Development topic, we've added a new 2-part series titled "Navigating Your Emotions." We cover practicing emotional intelligence and expressing emotions in a healthy way.

Course Titles

  • Practicing Emotional Intelligence
  • Expressing Emotions in a Healthy Way

Library: Business Skills

Rsz 1navigating your emotions june 23

Building an Emotionally Intelligent Team

Emotional intelligence involves being able to identify, understand, and manage emotions. These are crucial skills in the workplace, so we've created a new program that covers how to build a team of emotionally intelligent employees. You can find this course in our Workplace Culture topic.

Course Title

  • Building an Emotionally Intelligent Team

Library: Business Skills and Workplace Compliance

Rsz building emotionally intelligent team june 23


This new 4-part series teaches viewers the importance of staying innovative and discusses various strategies to help generate creative ideas. We talk about thinking outside of the box, working inside of the box, and the pros and cons of having creative constraints. You can find these courses in our Creativity topic.

Course Titles

  • Innovation Basics
  • Innovating Outside the Box
  • Innovating Inside the Box
  • Creative Constraints

Library: Business Skills

Rsz innovation june 2023
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