Motor Control Centers

Learning objectives

  • Identify the principles of motor controls
  • Identify common motor control power supplies
  • Explain the need for circuit protection
  • Identify common circuit protection devices
  • Identify common components used in motor control centers
  • Identify common National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) wiring classes and types

Course overview

Commercial and industrial power distribution systems are some of the most complex circuits in existence. Providing power to applications such as HVAC systems, lighting, and motor-driven machines requires control to make the equipment perform specific functions. In particular, motor-driven machines may need to stop, start, or change directions rapidly. Motor control centers are installed to provide specific controls as needed.

The Motor Control Centers training course explains motor control center functions and common components. It explores the differences between common classifications and their associated wiring schemes. This online training course reviews:

  • Motor control basics
  • Circuit protection purpose and components
  • Introduction to motor control centers
  • Combination motor control units
  • Wiring classes and types

Motor Control Centers is part of the Motor Control and Protection training series.

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