Scaffold Erection and Components

Learning objectives

  • Explain an erecting sequence
  • Describe the purpose of putlogs
  • Explain the design of a rolling tower
  • Explain the process to erect scaffold stair towers
  • Describe the tube and clamp scaffold
  • Explain the tube and clamp assembly

Course overview

Scaffold refers to a specific type of assembly structure, usually temporary in nature. It supports workers and materials while they build or repair a structure. Scaffolding involves sturdy connections of frames and planks by bolts and couplets. These pieces come in many forms depending on the size and shape of the desired framework.

The Scaffold Erection and Components training course describes the proper scaffold erecting sequence. It identifies components used to build a scaffold and the different scaffolding types used in many construction projects. This online training course covers:

  • Erecting sequence
  • Scaffold putlogs
  • Rolling tower design
  • Erecting scaffold stair towers
  • Tube and clamp scaffold

Scaffold Erection and Components is part of the Rigging, Lifting, and Elevated Work Surfaces training series.

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