Ductless Air Conditioning

Learning objectives

  • Describe the different types of ductless air conditioners
  • Explain the purpose of each major component in a ductless air conditioning system
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how each component’s operation relates to the basic refrigeration cycle
  • Describe the basic preventive maintenance procedures performed on a ductless air conditioner
  • Explain the common problems that can occur with an air conditioning system and how they may be corrected

Course overview

Ductless air conditioners are small units designed to provide indoor cooling without costly duct work. They are well-suited for use in single rooms or small buildings where duct installation is not practical. Ductless systems may be self-contained or have separate condenser and evaporator units. In either case, the evaporator is located in the room being cooled. Its fan circulates the air directly without ventilation ducts.

The Ductless Air Conditioner training course explains the various types of ductless air conditioners. It discusses how the components function, including basic maintenance. This online course is part of the Heating & Cooling Fundamentals training series.

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