PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) Programming Instructions, Part 1

Learning objectives

  • Identify two types of ladder logic
  • List commonly used Boolean logic functions
  • Discuss the use of individual instructions and function blocks in ladder logic
  • Describe the following types of instructions:
    • Ladder relay instructions
    • Timer instructions
    • Counter instructions
    • Program/flow instructions
    • Arithmetic instructions

Course overview

As discussed, programming instruction sets are means of providing programmable logic controllers (PLC) with instructions for implementing control programs.

The PLC Programming Instructions, Part 1 training course focuses on the ladder logic and Boolean language structures that make up most of PLC programming. It describes the functions of the programming instructions commonly used in PLC programming. This online course explains:

  • PLC language basics
  • Ladder relay instructions programming
  • Timers and counters
  • Program/flow control
  • Arithmetic instructions

PLC Programming Instructions, Part 1 is part of the Programmable Logic Controllers training series.

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