Principles of Temperature

Learning objectives

  • Define heat and temperature and explain the difference between them
  • Recognize different temperature scales and list their basic units of measurement
  • Convert between common temperature scales
  • Describe how heat transfer can change the temperature or other physical properties of a substance
  • Describe the following methods of heat transfer:
    • Conduction
    • Convection
    • Radiation

Course overview

Across most industries, temperature measurement is critical to ensure proper process function and equipment operation. Many processes rely on the transfer of heat energy from one location to another. While direct measurement of heat is difficult, temperature can be used to determine the amount of heat transferred in a system. Temperature can be measured as degrees on a scale or as an absolute value corresponding to the amount of heat energy present in a substance.

The Principles of Temperature training course explains the concepts of temperature and heat transfer, including converting between common temperature scales. This course explains:

  • Heat and temperature
  • Temperature scales and conversions
  • Heat transfer mechanisms

Principles of Temperature is part of the Process Control Variable training series.

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