Introduction to Positive Displacement Pumps

Learning objectives

  • Discuss the operating principle behind positive displacement pumps
  • State three operating conditions under which a positive displacement pump would best be employed
  • Identify the basic components of a positive displacement pump
  • Discuss the difference between the basic operations of reciprocating and rotary positive displacement pump categories

Course overview

Industrial facility operations rely on many pump types and sizes to move fluids through equipment. Positive displacement pumps are suitable for use with a variety of industrial system processes. Introduction to Positive Displacement Pumps training identifies the pumps' principle designs and common operational processes. It also identifies the operating conditions in which positive displacement pumps are commonly used.

This online course also discusses the operational differences between the two main pump types - reciprocating and rotary. Introduction to Positive Displacement Pumps includes operation principles and reciprocating and rotary pump design. This course is part of the Positive Displacement Pumps Series.

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