Maintaining Gear Drives

Learning objectives

  • Describe gear maintenance troubleshooting tips
  • Explain factors affecting gear backlash
  • Describe ways to measure and control backlash in gears
  • Explain factors that influence proper lubrication of gear drives
  • Describe various methods of lubricant application to gear drive systems
  • Explain how to properly analyze failures in gear drives

Course overview

Many applications in industrial facilities use gear drives. Techniques to help provide longer service life for gear drive systems include maintaining the gears, ensuring proper backlash, employing proper lubrication, and analyzing prior gear failures.

The Maintaining Gear Drives training course describes how to analyze and troubleshoot common gear drive problems. It explains factors affecting gear backlash and proper gear lubrication. This online training course focuses on:

  • Gear maintenance
  • Gear backlash
  • Backlash measurement and control
  • Gear lubrication
  • Methods of lubricant application
  • Gear failure analysis

This course is part of the Gear Maintenance training series.

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