Circulating Water System Start-up

Learning objectives

  • Describe preparation for starting the circulating water system
  • List checks performed prior to start-up
  • Identify the steps completed during start-up
  • Discuss operators’ responsibilities during start-up
  • Describe the inspections and checks performed after start-up

Course overview

As discussed in previous courses, circulating water pumps are very powerful and can quickly move immense volumes of water. The circulating water system is usually started in conjunction with the unit startup. It is required to support steam system operation and is placed in operation before releasing steam from the steam generators to the condenser. If the circulating water system cools auxiliary water cooling systems or supplies raw water for other purposes, it may be needed earlier in the startup sequence.

Starting the circulating water system is a complex activity that requires planning, preparation, and careful execution to prevent system damage and ensure efficient operation. The Circulating Water System Startup training course explains the steps needed to safely start the circulating water system. These steps include:

  • Preparing to start
  • Starting the circulating water pump
  • Post-start activities

This online course is part of the Circulating Water System training series.

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