Diesel Plant Control Systems and Protective Devices

Learning objectives

  • Describe a typical control panel
  • Explain the operation of some of the generator controls
  • Describe a remote operation and explain how it works
  • Identify some of the hazardous machine conditions
  • Discuss protective devices and identify what they protect

Course overview

Every diesel generator has a traditional control panel. This panel is placed beside the engine. It allows the operator to observe the important operating conditions from this single location. This panel also includes the controls for switching circuit breakers and synchronizing the unit.

The Diesel Plant Control Systems and Protective Devices training course focuses on the panel's functions and the controls it monitors. It describes the design and function of a typical control panel and identifies its primary components. it also explains the importance of the protective devices built into the system. This online course includes:

  • Control panel components and generator controls
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
  • Protective devices

This course is part of the Diesel Power Plant Operations training series.

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