Gas Turbine Control Schemes

Learning objectives

  • Identify critical operating parameters
  • Recall the flame detection and protection systems
  • Identify simple cycle exhaust control measures
  • Identify combined cycle exhaust control components
  • Identify startup sequence steps
  • Identify shutdown sequence steps

Course overview

The gas turbine compressor is one of the most versatile assets in power generation. To keep a unit operating at peak efficiency, operators and technicians must have a good understanding of gas turbine compressor control schemes and operations.

The Gas Turbine Control Schemes training course identifies common control schemes. It also discusses gas turbine compressor startup and shutdown operations. It reviews exhaust control on both simple cycle and combined cycle exhausts. This online training course focuses on:

  • Critical operating parameters
  • Flameout protection system
  • Simple cycle exhaust
  • Combined cycle exhaust
  • Starting sequence
  • Shutdown sequence

Gas Turbine Control Schemes is part of the Combustion Turbine Fundamentals training series.

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