Introduction to the Siemens V-Series Gas Turbine

Learning objectives

  • Explain the overall function of a gas turbine
  • Describe the basic design of an axial flow compressor
  • Identify the primary purpose of a combustion chamber
  • Identify the purpose of a turbine

Course overview

Siemens Westinghouse has developed a large fleet of gas turbines used in many different applications across the globe. Understanding the components and design of the Siemens Westinghouse V-series gas turbine is necessary to distinguish it from others within the Siemens fleet.

The Introduction to the Siemens V-series training course describes the basic components of the V-series gas turbine. It also identifies the basic compressed air and hot gas flow paths through the V94 3 gas turbine. This online course includes:

  • V-series gas turbine background
  • Basic design characteristics
  • Advantages of a combined cycle

Introduction to the Siemens V-series is part of the Combustion Turbine Fundamentals training series.

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