Steam Turbine Auxiliaries

Learning objectives

  • Identify the two primary purposes of the main turbine lube oil system
  • Describe the location and operation of the main lube oil pump and its relationship to the booster oil pump
  • Explain the purpose of the turning gear
  • Describe the operation of the gland steam seal system
  • Discuss operator role in the operation of the steam turbine

Course overview

As discussed in previous lessons from this series, the steam turbine is the power plant component that converts thermal energy from steam into mechanical energy to power a generator. The steam turbine requires auxiliary equipment to function. Understanding this auxiliary equipment is necessary to operate steam turbines safely and effectively.

The Steam Turbine Auxiliaries training course describes the design and function of two turbine components: the lube oil system and the gland steam seal system. The course also discusses operator roles and responsibilities.

Steam Turbine Auxiliaries is part of the Turbine Auxiliaries System and Control Series.

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