General Switchgear Maintenance (1.5 CEHs)

Learning objectives

  • Identify general circuit breaker maintenance tasks
  • Identify tasks associated with standard operating mechanism maintenance
  • Identify tasks associated with hydraulic and pneumatic operating mechanism maintenance
  • Recall the three common electrical tests conducted on large circuit breakers

Course overview

Low, medium, and high voltage switchgear is essential to reliably send electrical power from source to load. Because this equipment is vital, not maintaining assets can result in power loss, equipment damage, and other problems. Preventing asset failure relies on standard preventive maintenance tasks and electrical tests common to all switchgear types.

The General Switchgear Maintenance training course identifies and explains the common tests and tasks for modern switchgear including:

  • General circuit breaker maintenance
  • Basic operating mechanism maintenance
  • Basic pneumatic and hydraulic operating mechanism maintenance
  • General circuit breaker electrical tests

This course is part of the Switchgear Maintenance training series.

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