The Respectful Workplace: California Manager

Learning objectives

  • Recognize harassing behavior
  • Distinguish between illegal discrimination and abusive conduct
  • Identify the groups protected from employment discrimination by law
  • Understand your leadership role in preventing workplace harassment
  • Know what to do when you get a report of discriminatory or harassing conduct
  • Understand what to do if you, as a manager, are accused of discriminatory or harassing conduct
  • Recognize appropriate corrective action
  • Understand the characteristics of a group norm
  • Recognize behavior coaching opportunities
  • Identify the benefits of workplace diversity
  • Recognize that individual behavior influences the workplace atmosphere
  • Identify how you can model kindness and respect at work
  • Identify how to keep biases from harming work relationships
  • Recall reporting resources

Course overview

This course will help managers in California meet the requirements of California’s mandatory harassment training requirements (AB 1825, AB 2053, SB 396 and SB 1343). Specifically, you will learn what the federal law states, definitions and protected classes, reporting resources and remedies

  • 125
  • English
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