4 Pillars for Daily Safety Management

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Safety professionals have varied responsibilities; often, no two days are the same. Whether you’re trying to create a safety procedure for something that has never been done before, or building consensus for an important safety initiative with management, you understand the busy, day-to-day scope of work in safety.

I understand, I’ve been there, and that’s exactly why I’m sharing my 4 Pillars for Daily Safety Management.

For many of you, what’s covered here is basic stuff, nothing you haven’t heard before. Yet while much of the material may be familiar, there is value here precisely because of its emphasis on the fundamentals of safety professionalism. Because you have a busy job, it is important to have core concepts that you can always lean on to gather yourself, focus your work, and simply get things done.

This resource is a tool that I used nearly every day in my life as private sector safety pro to aid in daily decision making, prioritize tasks, and get to the heart of the matter. In fact, I still use this tool to explain safety management to newcomers to the profession, executives, and various other audiences.

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