Active Shooter Facts Infographic | AVERT Active Shooter Resources

Active Shooter Facts Infographic | AVERT Active Shooter Resources

Active shooter incidents can happen anywhere, and mass shooting incidents in the U.S. are at an all-time high. In 2021 alone, the U.S. had 3,543 casualties from mass shootings, as defined by the Gun Violence Archive.

When it comes to an active shooter incident, being able to quickly respond is vital to saving lives. AVERT provides training in both active shooter response and emergency bleeding control techniques so you and your team can gain the confidence to react appropriately if an active shooter situation occurs.

OSHA estimates more than 2 million people are affected by workplace violence every year. Yet, only 45% of employees say their organization has a workplace violence prevention program.

The majority of active shooter incidents happen quickly. It’s estimated that 70% of active shooter incidents end in 5 minutes or less, usually before emergency responders have time to arrive on scene. AVERT teaches how to identify potential behavioral risks, understand situational awareness, Escape, Evade, or Attack techniques, and how to become an immediate responder to help stop the bleed of those around you.

For more information about active shooter facts, download our helpful infographic using the link below:

Download our Active Shooter Incidents infographic.

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