Active Shooter Response Training for Places of Worship Video

Active Shooter Response Training for Places of Worship Video

Make sure your place of worship is ready to handle active shooter situations. It is important to take steps to prepare for the potential of these situations in order to ensure your staff, volunteers and congregation feel safe at all times. An active shooter response training course helps your church, synagogue, temple, or other sacred gathering space be as prepared as possible.

View the Active Shooter Response Training for Places of Worship video below.

Video transcription:

Lindsay Gietzen: Places of worship provide people across all denominations a sacred space to practice their faith. The last thing most people think about when attending a service is the threat of a violent attack. Through the years though, numerous horrific acts of violence have been hurled upon unsuspecting congregations. It's vital to take a proactive approach to safeguard your place of worship from these senseless attacks.

arcy Leutzinger: Many places of worship have hired outside security personnel or designated a full-time security staff as a safety measure. Whether you've done this or not, it is paramount that every staff member be trained properly in how to make rapid survival decisions and take action when facing active violence. We also highly recommend training be offered to your entire congregation.

Lindsay Gietzen:
Avert provides life saving strategies when confronted with active violence situations. We also give you the confidence in knowing how to respond to life threatening bleeding so you can safely help people during these tragic events. We know how important it is to you to keep your congregation safe.

Darcy Leutzinger:
We offer several single day courses each month for people who'd like to become an authorized Avert instructor, or we can provide live onsite training directly to your entire congregation. Get in touch now so we can help you save lives with Avert.

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