Best Practices for Training Employees in Small Businesses

Best Practices for Training Employees in Small Businesses

Just like in large organizations, small businesses also need to ensure their employees are appropriately trained to succeed at their jobs. Not to mention the business’s obligations to stay current with any training requirements mandated by OSHA and other regulatory bodies. Without the big labor pools to cover missed shifts and the larger budgets of a big company, what are the best ways for small businesses and startups to get their employees the training they need while minimizing lost time and keeping costs down?

Small Business Trends offers several tips for employee training, and the number one solution is to use online training programs. Sometimes, those options might even be at no charge. For example, if your organization uses a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, does that provider offer any webinars or tutorials on how to use the features of the app? Spending 30 minutes listening to a recorded class is less time consuming than traveling to a workshop or taking a weekly course at the local community college, and those vendor-provided training materials might be free and included in the CRM contract.

When a freebie isn’t quite enough, there’s a whole world of online employee training program opportunities out there, the result of a growing market demand as more and more companies see the benefits of this convenient training solution. Some online training providers even specialize in small business programs.

The Small Business Association blog also suggests tips for employee learning, including:

In addition to fulfilling compliance requirements, training your employees makes good business sense, too. According to an article at, “Small business owners who invest in training are more likely to report growing, and more likely to report growing more. In other words, what is good for employees is good for the business,” and that “‘Hiring and retaining good employees’ closely follows ‘finding and keeping customers’ as the top two challenges reported by small business owners who are committed to growing their businesses.”

So, before you lose a day’s productivity because your team is driving back and forth from yet another seminar at a distant hotel, have a look around online. The topic you need might already have a robust online course.

Set your team and your business up for success with the training solutions from HSI. From emergency care to first responders to workplace safety for companies big and small, let us help you meet your employee training goals and keep your company in compliance.

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