Cleaning Products in California and Meeting Right-to-know Regulations

Cleaning Products in California and Meeting Right-to-know Regulations

Recently passed legislation in California will require more transparency from manufacturers of cleaning products regarding the disclosure of their product ingredients, to both the public and to their employees.

According to an article in Safety + Health magazine, California’s Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017 is intended to:

“[M]ake it easier for California’s workers and consumers to identify what potentially dangerous ingredients are in commonly used cleaning products and fragrance mixtures. It also requires specified employers to provide that information to their employees....The law requires ingredients to be shared on manufacturer websites by Jan. 1, 2020, and on labels one year later.”

Right-to-know (RTK) initiatives originated at the federal level through OSHA with the goal of protecting employees. The California legislation takes such protections a step further to help safeguard the public as well as workers who come into contact with cleaning products. Additionally, such cleaning products might not have been considered hazardous substances in some cases, making RTK disclosure processes even more problematic for employers.

If your manufacturing plant needs assistance with delivering RTK information, our HSI Encompass platform offers basic Right to Know access to ensure critical safety data is available to your employees at a moment’s notice on any chemicals or products in any location, including back-up data so workers can access vital information with or without an Internet connection. Companies can also make parts of their internal Encompass chemical library accessible more broadly through publicly accessible links.

With Encompass, your employees have:

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