Costumes and Carving — Keep It Safe This Halloween

Costumes and Carving — Keep It Safe This Halloween

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many children, but it’s one that can make Mom and Dad a little nervous. Today’s blog offers up some tips for parents on how to handle the costumes that might impair vision, the sharp pumpkin carving knives, and the worry about having the kids out in the dark.


When it comes to costumes, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) offers the following suggestions on their website:



Over at Safe Kids Worldwide, you’ll find some excellent advice on how kids, parents, and drivers can all stay safe during the prime trick-or-treating evening hours:

And drivers, please be extra vigilant! Take it super slow and leave the texting for when you are out of the car and enjoying some candy with the kids back at the house. That is, if they’ll share it with you….

Have a great Halloween everyone!

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