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EHS Trends Accelerated in a Post-Pandemic World

EHS Trends Accelerated in a Post-Pandemic World

Much has been written regarding the impact COVID-19 has had on the world population and economy. As we move from crisis, to recovery, to a new “normal”, we have seen shifts in the way business has traditionally been conducted in many markets. Examples include the growth in telemedicine, an acceleration in e-commerce across most industries, and a shift to more home entertainment related purchases.

The Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) sector has been at the forefront of helping organizations manage the safety and health of their employees and customers, while also protecting businesses from the various risks stemming from this outbreak. Below are a few trends further impacting EHS that we see hastening in the post-pandemic world:

This time period has reinforced the adage: “If you’re staying the same, you’re falling behind.” The ability to quickly adapt and better leverage the available tools and resources to your advantage, will allow all of us involved in the EHS profession to raise the bar, and better care for all the stakeholders we serve.

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