Heart Month: CPR and AED Training Makes a Difference

Heart Month: CPR and AED Training Makes a Difference

American Heart Month brings awareness about the importance of heart health. But it’s also a time to celebrate our network of Training Centers, Instructors and students as they do their part to help others during cardiac arrest emergencies through CPR and AED training.

Instructors are the Unseen Link in the Chain of Survival

CPR Instructors make an exponential difference in saving lives. Here’s what HSI students are saying about their Instructors and their training.

"This was the most informative class I have taking in the 17 years I have needed my CPR certification. I have told my co-workers about the class, and they plan to go to it when it is held. Excellent!!!" – Murray T., Florida Student
"The instructor did an excellent job not only teaching the skills but putting them into real life context and sharing tips on how to approach a real emergency. Truly great experience. Thank you!" – John M., Illinois Student
“We had the best instructor with so much knowledge and patience and the perfect instructor.” – Lori J., New Jersey Student

As an Instructor, you have the amazing responsibility of training students to respond to emergencies at home, in their workplace and out in their community.

CPR Training Materials and Delivery Make a Difference

Each Instructor has their own teaching style, and every student has their own learning needs. CPR training programs and materials should embrace flexibility and empower Instructors to improve overall learning and retention.

Here’s what some of our HSI Instructors have to say about our training programs and materials.

“I can’t tell you how many times my students have said, ‘That was the best CPR class I’ve ever had.’ As much as I’d like to take all the credit for that, I know a lot of it has to do with the HSI materials I work with.” - Brandon Condon, Safety Training Professionals LLC
“The feedback I always get when teaching HSI materials is, ‘We get so much hands-on time’. The fact that students get to practice over and over in a short period of time; that repetition builds muscle memory, and that experience is remembered.” – Adriana Garbiso, Guardian Elite Medical Services
“As a training center I feel very empowered to deliver the content that best meets my students’ needs. Every class can be different depending on the clientele, their age group and how many classes they take.” – Carl Denyer, 1st Five Minutes

We appreciate our Instructors and students, and we’d love to hear from you. Submit your own testimonial by emailing [email protected], and you could see your comments in an upcoming blog, newsletter, email or promotional material for HSI.

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