How to Help Your Child Prepare for an Emergency

How to Help Your Child Prepare for an Emergency

If an emergency or disaster strikes, does your child know what to do? Most types of disasters and medical emergencies can be frightening for adults. But for children, they can be downright overwhelming in the moment and traumatic long-term.

By giving your children guidance ahead of time, you can help reduce fear and empower them to respond before, during and after an emergency.

Tips for Preparing Your Child for a Disaster or Medical Emergency

Here are some emergency preparedness tips to help your family navigate these difficult conversations.

CPR Training in Action

Families of all backgrounds and sizes can benefit from learning lifesaving skills. To help this become the norm, celebrities like Nicole Kidman are helping to spread the word while also preparing their own family members to respond to emergency situations.

Long-time approved HSI Training Center CPR Choice had the privilege of training Kidman’s family, as well as many families and businesses throughout the years. Kudos to them for a job well done!

Are you interested in making a difference in your community? Join our network of HSI Instructors and Training Centers by exploring our CPR, AED and First Aid training programs.

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