How to Use Online Training During a Home Quarantine

How to Use Online Training During a Home Quarantine

Companies are temporarily closing brick and mortar offices and having employees work from home in efforts to slow the transmission of COVID-19. This raises new issues around productivity, communications, and processes. The benefits of online training are highlighted with a new twist during these self-imposed home quarantines. Training doesn’t have to come to a halt with employees being dispersed.

Off-the-Shelf Library

If you’ve partnered with a company like HSI and you have subscribed to an off-the-shelf library of training videos, you have a variety of topics that have suddenly become relevant. You can easily assign these courses to your employees to help them make the most out of their work time during the quarantine.

Health and Wellness Topics

The purpose of the home quarantine is to slow or stop the spread of the virus. While employees are working from home is the perfect time to review online training courses on related health and wellness topics.

Catch Up on Training

Two weeks of working at home during a quarantine may be the perfect time to catch up on previously assigned online training courses. This might include the annual requirements for compliance and anti-harassment training.

Cybersecurity training is a topic that sounds boring to employees but it is in one of our top ten topics to be assigned. And by the way, our course on the types of malware is one of our most creatively designed courses. It features cartoon villains to illustrate the types of malware like bots, ransomware, and adware.

Authoring Tool

If an instructor-led course is canceled due to a quarantine, the instructor could quickly use an eLearning authoring tool, like the one that is included with HSI LMS, to record a course and make it available to the registrants. Our tool allows the instructor to be seen using the webcam, click through their slides, record, and edit. Students can watch the video on their own at home and a shorter instructor-led session could be rescheduled for group discussion once everyone returns to work.

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