HSI Has All Your Emergency Care Training Needs

HSI Has All Your Emergency Care Training Needs

As an emergency care instructor, you have a unique opportunity to impact your community by teaching lifesaving skills — making you the hidden link in the Chain of Survival. Your important role requires you to focus on delivering high-quality CPR, AED and First Aid classes.

However, being an emergency care instructor comes with a lot more responsibility. This includes everything from buying CPR manikins and student training materials to scheduling and tracking classes to effectively communicating with customers and more. That’s why HSI has grown to be a full-service provider for all your emergency care training needs, including product support and business management resources.

Why choose HSI as your emergency care training provider?

HSI offers cost-effective CPR, AED, First Aid, and advanced programs like Basic Life Support (BLS) as well as courses such as Stop Life Threatening Bleeding and Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT). These programs have been developed and refined over 40+ years, providing millions of people across the country with the confidence to respond during an emergency.

HSI is well-known for having:

Here are some of the other top benefits of choosing HSI for all your emergency care training needs.

1. HSI is a one-stop-shop for training products and supplies

HSI’s online store is always available for your purchasing convenience. You’ll find CPR, AED, and First Aid training supplies and products for instructors, TCs, organizations and students. This includes:

This is just a sample of what’s available. Be sure to browse the online store for all your emergency care training needs.

2. HSI provides support to authorized instructors and approved training centers

All HSI authorized instructors and approved TCs get immediate, free access to its online training portal – sometimes referred to as Otis. Your portal will allow for easy recordkeeping and reporting and give you the ability to:

You can access the portal 24-7 as needed, and you can customize the dashboard to best fit your needs.

Additionally, HSI staff are available for questions and tech support from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

3. HSI can help expand your offerings with its AED program

With HSI’s family of brands, you can become your customer’s go-to resource for workplace safety training and equipment. This includes taking advantage of the AED Sales Agent Program, which can help you generate additional income while meeting your customer’s AED needs.

Additionally, HSI’s upcoming AED & Equipment Manager tool will allow you to easily track multiple AEDs or other equipment, such as computers and oxygen tanks. You’ll be able to customize inspections, quickly run reports and audit inventory, and save money by keeping all equipment updated. Stay tuned for more information about the HSI AED & Equipment Manager.

4. HSI offers discounts on student certification materials

Who doesn’t love a good discount? Every approved training center is eligible to participate in HSI’s pricing level discount program, which offers pricing level discounts based on your purchases. This means the more you buy with HSI, the more you save.

Here’s how the pricing level discount program works:

Everything you need for classes — new instructor packages, programs, manikins, manikin accessories, barriers, clothing, AEDs, and other training accessories — helps you reach the next pricing level discount.

Pricing levels are determined by the calendar year. So, the more you buy now, the more you continue to save.

Look to HSI for all your training needs

HSI is a nationally accredited training organization. Its emergency care training and professional continuing education programs are currently accepted, approved, or recognized as meeting the requirements of thousands of state and federal regulatory agencies, occupational licensing boards, national associations, commissions, and councils in hundreds of occupations and professions.

As an authorized instructor or approved training center, you’ll get all these benefits and more.

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