Instructors Weigh in on LOOP, Our CPR Skills Practice Game!

Instructors Weigh in on LOOP, Our CPR Skills Practice Game!

You’ve read about LOOP, the CPR skills practice game in our blog before, but now you have a chance to hear directly from some of our emergency care instructors.

We asked several of our ASHI and MEDIC First Aid instructors what they and their students thought about LOOP and how it can gamify, clarify, and amplify the experience of learning CPR.

Watch the videos here:

LOOP CPR uses interactive music, video, head-to-head competition, and other game-related concepts to create a compelling training experience ideal for today's adult learners.

Compression depth and rate, length of ventilations, minimal pauses between compressions—LOOP measures and interprets data on all the vital components of well-performed CPR so students can see for themselves that they have successfully performed these potentially lifesaving skills.

Your student responders can't use what they can't remember. LOOP encourages and incentivizes students to perform skills practice longer and more in-depth than traditional "static manikin-only" methods. And with increased practice comes better memory retention and increased confidence.

If you’re looking for a way to encourage your students to make the most of their practice sessions, LOOP could be just the answer. Teaching younger students in your community classes, re-engaging repeat students who are required to keep their certification up to date, maybe hosting a friendly inter-departmental challenge at your next corporate training — LOOP makes it fun, all while motivating your students to practice and improve their lifesaving skills.

Questions about LOOP? Call one of our customer service representatives today at 800.447.3177.

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