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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips

During the 15 years that I’ve been riding a motorcycle, I have seen and heard of many accidents. When people first find out that I ride a motorcycle they always bring up how they know someone who either laid down their bike, or how some driver ran into a biker.

Safety Tips for Automotive Drivers

Motorcycles are hard to see. Not all bikes are like a Harley Davidson with loud pipes (sorry metric riders), making them also hard to hear.

Let’s cover night driving. As I mentioned, most bikes have only one headlight, so they will be difficult to see. Always keep a lookout.

Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

Here are some tips for riders that I have learned over the years from riding and taking a riders course.

I hope this will help all of you ride safely. Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down.

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