New COVID-19 Case Management App & Pandemic Preparedness Training

New COVID-19 Case Management App & Pandemic Preparedness Training

Note: HSI’s response to the global Coronavirus pandemic involves a combination of technology and critical training for Pandemic Preparedness, Transmissible Illness Prevention, and free resources supporting any employer severely impacted by the crisis.

The Coronavirus wave has elevated the role of Health and Safety Ops for most employers—EHS leaders across the world are stepping forward to help navigate organization-wide crisis response.

At the same time, COVID-19 has painfully exposed programmatic gaps in pandemic preparedness and infectious disease control: plans, systems, IT readiness, personal protective equipment (PPE), and coordination across business units.

Leveraging customer intelligence, our partners at Donesafe moved quickly to develop software applications adapted for the workforce management challenges presented by Coronavirus: tracking and reporting on the spread of cases within an organization (Infectious Disease Management App), and handling employee mass migration to home offices (Work From Home App).

Donesafe built, tested, and launched the apps in 7 days, working around the clock and away from the office.


The new Infectious Disease Management App (free and available now for current Donesafe clients) was built to support organizations of any size working to effectively track and report on the impact of Coronavirus among the employee base. In this time of unprecedented crisis response, this tool provides business leaders with real-time intelligence on COVID-19 cases within the employee population.

This is how it helps:

All of this data feeds into management’s central, real-time dashboard, for tracking COVID-19.

Also, the Infectious Disease Management App allows you to assign corrective actions. For example, when employees self-report a suspected case of COVID-19, you may assign an action to self-isolate for a period of time, or seek treatment, etc.


Employee online form submissions push data to your central Dashboard immediately, for an uncomplicated, point-in-time look at COVID-19 organizational impact.

COVID-19 Dashboard

Here are the data types displayed in the Infectious Disease Dashboard:

You can drill down into each data set for granular reporting, insights, or corrective action assignments.



HSI released a new, free, online course for Pandemic Preparedness.

With the Coronavirus as a case study on infectious disease control, this course covers…

This online training includes practice exercises testing knowledge of the Coronavirus, covering contraction of the virus, at-risk populations, illness transmission types, and symptoms.

Focused on preventing the spread of the illness, employees will learn protocol for suspected cases based on CDC and WHO guidelines: isolation, distance within the home, personal protective equipment, and seeking medical treatment. Methods to reduce exposure risk and slow transmission include social distancing, quarantine, shelter-in-place, and travel restrictions—all are addressed in the course.

Also, preparatory considerations for isolation and separation from coworkers, friends, and family.

This course is free to public and available now.

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