On-Demand Webinar Recap: Stop Yelling at Me!

On-Demand Webinar Recap: Stop Yelling at Me!

No matter where you work or what job you have, communication matters. We need to communicate with bosses, coworkers, and subordinates. Sometimes, workplace conversations can become contentious, due to either a difficult topic or emotions boiling over.

But why does this happen? And how can we minimize these occurrences to maintain an open and effective work environment?

Recently, more than 300 attendees joined live as HSI Chief Safety Officer Jill James and Dr. Todd Loushine, from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, hosted a spirited and educational webinar on improving communication to be a more effective safety professional.

The webinar’s recording is now available to watch on demand. Think you might be interested? Here are just a few of the topics that were discussed:

Visit the HSI website today for free access to this one-hour webinar. Plus, you will get access to a toolkit to assess your own skills as you listen to the recording and find resources to improve your communication skills!

And keep in mind that just because Jill and Dr. Todd are safety professionals, and this webinar might be geared toward the safety industry, everyone will be able to walk away from this lesson having learned some tips and tricks to implement in their own lives.

Watch the webinar now and access the toolkit now!

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