Road Construction Season is Here

Road Construction Season is Here

You may have already noticed that your state’s department of transportation has been dispatching construction crews to your local roads and highways. During the warm weather road construction season, additional hazards come into play for drivers and roadside workers.

The Oregon Department of Transportation offers a helpful flyer with tips on how workers can help keep themselves and their worksites and equipment safe when working along busy roads. Those tips include important guidelines, such as:

Also of interest to our workplace safety audience: Did you know that HSI's online, cloud-based system can capture transportation information within section 14 from Safety Data Sheets and make that data visible for your end users? We specifically capture the UN Number, Proper Shipping Name, Hazard Inducers, Hazard Class, Packaging Group and Marine Pollutant for the following transportation modes - DOT, IATA and IMDG.

To find out more about how HSI can help you manage your hazardous chemicals, click here:

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