Safety Training: By the Numbers

Safety Training: By the Numbers

Here’s a fun exercise for any safety leader prompted by data from the world of occupational safety and health. Use these facts, stats, and questions to start conversations in your organization.

$1 Billion per week is how much US employers pay for workers comp

  1. Do you know if your costs are above or below average for your company?
  2. Why do you think that is so?
  3. Is your safety training a plus or minus in that conversation?

81% of safety pros say breaking people free from work to attend training is a big problem

  1. Are people in your organization frustrated by training schedules?
  2. Have multiple shifts, traveling employees, and/or different locations?
  3. Is meeting training frequency requirements a problem?

80% rise in OSHA fee amounts

  1. Have you ever had an OSHA inspection?
  2. What’s your safety audit frequency?
  3. Would you like some helping getting a plan together?

75% of safety pros say that employees don’t care about safety training

  1. How do your employees feel about safety training?
  2. If you could identify a problem, how would you solve it?
  3. Ever had a bad experience with a training vendor?
  4. Or a good one? What worked for you?
  5. Does your training program content refresh annually or is the material the same?

$36,500 is the average cost for a workplace accident

  1. Have you had injuries or near misses trigger supplemental safety training?
  2. If so, are you training for those topics now?
  3. Does safety training fit with your accident prevention plan?

27% of OSHA inspections are triggered by employee complaints

  1. Has this happened at your organization?
  2. Do you think your organization is inviting risk at this level?

$4 saved for each $1 of investment in occupational safety & health

  1. Have you calculated your annual safety training spend?
  2. Did you know safety training may earn you a workers comp discount?

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