Skills and Best Practices for the Safety Professional

Skills and Best Practices for the Safety Professional

Our respect and appreciation for the safety professional knows no bounds here at HSI, but we understand that isn’t the case in every company. Those at the helm of an organization’s safety program are often the unsung hero of their company, and that can make it tough when it’s time to fight for budget resources or even just to win support from upper management in creating a company-wide safety culture.

On the Workplace Communicator Blog at Digicast Productions, they offer a list of 10 skills safety pros can cultivate to help them be heard and get that all-important “safety first” message out:

If you need to hone some of the skills mentioned in today’s post, Summit Training Source offers a course designed to help supervisors bring successful safety culture to their workplaces:

Leadership Skills for Safety – Supervisor Safety

An effective behavior-based training program, Leadership Skills for Safety provides ways for supervisors to encourage positive worker attitudes toward safety. The course demonstrates:

Successful safety pros: what have you tried at your organization that helped you put safety first? What skills do you find invaluable for anyone responsible for a company’s safety program? Share your good ideas with our blog readers in the comment fields below.

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