Vivid Offers New Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Online Platform

Vivid Offers New Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Online Platform

Vivid Learning Systems has entered the online Safety Data Sheet (SDS) marketplace, with Vivid SDS Online.

Vivid Learning Systems is an online safety training company recently acquired by the Health & Safety Institute (HSI). The acquisition enabled Vivid to expand its product suite to include online SDS management. While Vivid is well-known to the environmental health & safety (EHS) community for its premium online safety training content, safety data sheet software is a new value the company is excited to bring to customers.

Online Safety Data Sheet Management

Vivid President Matt Hammer notes that this new safety data sheet management capability aligns perfectly with the strategic vision guiding product development. According to Hammer, one of the key problems facing occupational safety professionals is the lack of options for vendor consolidation.

“The safety professionals we support have a fundamental problem that we’re obsessed with resolving: they must work with multiple vendors to achieve workplace safety goals,” said Hammer. “This is true for safety data sheets (SDS). After years of listening to our customers about SDS management needs, we’re proud to offer a product that delivers smart simplicity to this important piece of OSHA hazard communication compliance.”

Notable competitors in the crowded market for safety data sheet (SDS) online platforms are MSDS Online, SiteHawk, and Verisk 3E.

Vivid’s online safety data sheet platform includes an optional learning management system (LMS), helping organizations deploy, manage, and report on safety training activity, from one safety system. The company believes that twin utility makes VIVID SDS Online unique, and is inviting a new generation of EHS leaders to “Ditch the SDS Binder” and move safety data sheets online.

Vivid SDS Online expects to serve the small-to-medium business (SMB) market with a more affordable SDS management option, transparent pricing, and a product focused on easing the challenges of compliance with the Occupation Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) (29 CFR 1910.1200(g)).

Vivid SDS Online Highlights

Vivid SDS Online offers thousands of safety data sheets, unlimited users, and one price. Customers can build an OSHA-compliant, up-to-date safety data sheet collection by leveraging a massive list of sheets crowd-sourced from current customers. Additional features include options for chemical inventory management across multiple facilities, and shared-access to safety data sheets, and chemical approval workflows.

About Vivid Learning Systems

Making life easier for safety professionals is what we do. Vivid creates online safety training for a safer, smarter workforce.

About Health & Safety Institute

HSI is the only provider capable of addressing the full set of EH&S and emergency care compliance and training needs for individuals, businesses and trainers.

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