HSI’s Online Safety Engagement Survey Available Now

HSI’s Online Safety Engagement Survey Available Now

HSI Learning Systems is live with a new online tool for measuring employee perceptions and attitudes about occupational health and safety.

With its new Safety Engagement Survey, HSI Learning Systems is helping employers identify important gaps in perception that influence safety culture, and learn more about employee attitudes, like concerns of personal injury and ideas on safety leadership.

Typical employee perception surveys are used by organizations to gather information about safety behaviors and attitudes. This survey is different from those experiences, which often involve hundreds of boring questions created by consultants, are administered on paper, cost thousands of dollars, and take a lot of time to administer.

HSI’s is fast, online, and designed to measure trust.

Are your employees worried about being seriously injured on the job? Find out.

Employee perception surveys are used by organizations to generate baseline data used for making improvements. The questions on HSI’s survey were carefully designed for honest expression of attitudes that influence occupational safety and performance.

Based on original academic research by former OSHA inspector and Certified Safety Professional Dr. Todd Loushine, the survey will help employers understand how their workers actually feel about safety, along with gathering important demographic information like age, service tenure, and education, for more actionable insights.

“What it does, is gather data about the most important foundational aspects of occupational health and safety—employee & management attitudes,” said Barrett Pryce, HSI’s Director of Marketing.

Pryce said the survey is a good first step for any employer looking to measurably improve their safety culture.

“We want employers to have more meaningful conversations about occupational safety, and many just don’t know how to begin the dialogue.”

Safety Engagement Survey Highlights

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