HSI January Newsletter

HSI January Newsletter

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HSI Year in Review!

2023 was busy for HSI employees and customers. We recorded over 22 million course completions during the year and over 2,000 customers recorded workplace incidents using our EHS platform.

We added or updated 182 interactive safety courses and added more than 145 new courses in our professional skills content library (in addition to all the course updates done throughout the year). It was a busy year for regulatory changes in the human resources space, driving many course updates to ensure the most current information is delivered to employees and workers.

Can you believe over 500,000 people completed Hazard Communication in 2023? That’s our most popular course followed by Bloodborne Pathogens with over 400,000 completions! Check out the full list of our Top 50 Courses >>

Outside of training, our customers continue to show us that the most popular solutions in the EHS platform include:

Speaking of the EHS platform, due to your feedback, 2023 saw the release of EHS Essentials, allowing you to get started with EHS software quicker and more cost effectively. And with the recent changes from OSHA, more businesses than ever will need this in 2024!

We hope you all had a happy, healthy, and safe 2023. We are honored to help you achieve the same in 2024!


Press Release – GERI

Of the more than 1,000 EHS leaders who participated in the survey, 68% do not have confidence in the quality and quantity of data being captured. This is not to say EHS professionals are not keeping their workers safe, but that they believe processes could be made much better.

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HSI at Industry Events!

If you are attending industry events, be sure to visit HSI in the expo. We would love to meet you in person!

Product Updates

New Course Series: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is transforming industries across the globe and is becoming an integral part of everyday life. In this new three-part series, learn about the primary components of AI and how it works. Discover ways to implement common AI applications into your business or role, and explore ethical questions surrounding this concept. These courses can be found in our Digital Transformation topic.

Course Titles

  1. What Is AI?
  2. Applying AI to Business
  3. The Ethics of AI

New Course Series: Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Personally identifiable information, or PII, is data that can identify an individual. This could include someone’s birthdate, address, phone number, etc. All of this data is collected, analyzed, processed, and often shared by companies. So, it’s essential that this personal information is protected by organizations and kept safe from data breaches and cyberattacks. This new four-part series, located in our Workplace Compliance topic, covers the regulations surrounding PII and how companies can keep their customers' personal information protected. We'll also discuss what organizations should do if they experience a data breach.

Course Titles

  1. Introduction to PII
  2. Regulations and the Importance of Protecting PII
  3. How To Protect PII
  4. Responding to a Data Breach

Course Update: Intro to Loading Dock Safety

This updated course provides a high-level overview of the typical hazards encountered on loading docks, transit vehicles, and the areas between the two.

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[Upcoming Webinar] EHS Software Solutions - How do we get started?

What does it take to evaluate and roll out EHS software? Join HSI Chief Safety Officer Jill James and Harmon, Inc., Director of EHS Jon Liesmaki, who evaluated 27 potential vendors for Harmon and has rolled out multiple EHS processes across departments for the last several years. Join us January 23 at 2:00pm ET as he walks you through selection criteria, leadership buy-in, and employee adoption.

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[Upcoming Webinar] Navigating NERC Compliance Challenges: Integrating BESS into Existing Generating Facilities  

This webinar explores key challenges in integrating Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) into existing generating facilities. This process introduces important considerations and challenges for NERC compliance. Join HSI Industrial Skills for a webinar January 23 at 2:00pm ET to discuss key issues that arise when adding BESS to an existing facility.

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[New White Paper] Building an Effective Training Program Gap Analysis  

A gap analysis is a critical step in planning your training program because it compares your process to established standards, outlining expectations for each component. Our white paper will help you better understand your process and provide a framework for evaluating and organizing training.

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